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Organo Water Treatment
Reg. No. 197100816707

Ion Exchange Equipment

F-3 Cartridge Type Deioniser (patented)

Ideal for:

  1. Hospitals
  2. Schools and Universities
  3. Research Laboratories
  4. Battery Depots and Service Stations
  5. Municipal and Mining Substations
  6. Electric Forklifts
  7. Electric Golf Carts
  8. Trucking Operations
  9. Electric Substations
  10. Telecommunication Exchanges


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The complete chemical purification of water has, until recent years, been an expensive and inefficient process at best.  For, until the advent of ion exchange resins, water could be freed of all chemical concentrations only by removing the water from the impurities, i.e. by distillation.  Since the
chemical impurities may be but one ten-millionth of the total quantity, the amount of energy required to purify water by distillation is large, hence costly.


We now introduce the F-3 cartridge type deioniser (patented). The most convenient, small-size ion exchange water deioniser, which enables the user to obtain water typically lower in conductivity and total dissolved solids than distilled water, and which dispenses wholly with the troublesome procedure of resin regeneration. The F-3 is a rugged, pre-engineered, pre-assembled, standardized unit that eliminates expensive installation and start-up costs.


Years of research and experience are reflected in the engineering of the F-3 deionisers. We understand the complex factors that affect deionisation systems’ performance and reliability, and have designed our F-3 to maximize it’s efficiency.


We recommend this moderately priced water deioniser, F-3, with which deionised water may be obtained instantly whenever necessary and in whatever quantity desired.


The F-3 is unlike other water-purifying equipment, owing to the employment of very strong base anion exchange resin, the F-3 shows excellent effect in removing silica and is almost free of organic fouling of the resin. The unit consists of a three litre resin column, wall mounted and is easily installed.  The unit is supplied complete with tubing and tap adaptor.


The F-3 is unlike some other water deionisers as it dispenses wholly with the messy and troublesome procedures of resin regeneration.  Once the resin is exhausted it can be simply replaced with a new cartridge readily available from us. The resin column is easily removed from the housing and the new cartridge can be installed in seconds.


The F-3 is fitted with an Organo Water Monitor (patented). This unit is supplied as an intermittent tester (dry cell battery operated). When pure water is being produced, the green LED will be lit, but when impurities begin to mix, the red LED will be lit. Water is essentially non-conductive, and therefore, when water of high purity is being produced, no current is conducted and the green LED  will be lighted. However, when the purity is lost and impurities begin to mix, water becomes a conductor, allowing current to flow, causing the red LED to light up.  In the F-3 the red/green light indicators are the standard by which the purity of the water is judged.

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